What’s stopping you from moving forward with your big vision?

If you’ve ever had an idea, a plan or a ‘big vision’ you’ll know that that sometimes it can seem so far away and taking that next step seems like such a massive jump, you kinda just get stuck – Stuck on the same familiar and safe path that is too well-worn and really not fulfilling your desires, or taking your forward. I’ve been stuck – so stuck I feel like my legs were caught up in a big jar of sticky jam and my voice was coated in thick fog. I’ve spent many hours working my way through the fog and am only now slowly releasing my creativity to the world.

And now I’ve got a new and exciting path that will give you a clear step-by-step guide to propel you forward with fresh enthusiasm and confidence.

Seeing a bigger perspective.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to have big ideas. I’m really good at seeing a bigger perspective on things – it’s my talent and I use it really well for my clients. I can see way into the future and visualize things before they are created. I believe that’s a gift that creative people have, but it can also cause problems. Sometimes my ideas are so big that I can’t see right in front of me, all I can see is way in front of me. I get confused and lose my way amongst all my creative ideas.

So I took myself on a journey – a long one.

Through countless seminars and many hours of reading, I’ve followed inspiring leaders and change-makers, I’ve taken a personal journey of discovery through a sometimes frustrating period of self-awareness. I learned how to stand up for myself, to choose my own path, to live a balanced life inside and out. I’ve spent many, MANY hours creating art, products and programs and planting seeds that will ‘hopefully’ bear fruit in years to come. In my professional life I’ve studied design, practised marketing and built more brands than I can remember. I’ve honed my craft and delivered creative solutions to businesses that have produced long and fruitful lives for their owners.

All of this knowledge and experience I’ve condensed into one page and Now it’s time, as Elizabeth Gilbert would say…to “TOSS IT OUT THERE!”…

Here’s a few of the key problems I experienced through my journey, that I have addressed and provided support for in my program…



Starting and stopping. Do you start a project and give up through fear, doubt or lack of focus? I created 5 programs, 6 web sites and lost count of the ideas I had along the way.


Get a big idea and work tirelessly to make it happen, forgetting to enjoy the journey and stay balanced in your life.

I’ve worked for long days, neglecting my health and my family and friends.


Saying you should be doing something else, you’re wasting your time and losing faith in your own ideas. I lacked faith in my own ideas, so I asked for others to keep justifying them and wondered why they didn’t have confidence in me.


Get overwhelmed by the size of the project, the volume of work, give up or spend hours, weeks, months, even years trying to get it off the ground. I gave up at least once a week – and took much longer to get back on track…


Spending too long mulling ideas around by yourself, leading to a muddled and frustrated feeling that only gets worse. I’ve sat staring at a computer screen day after day, wondering why the answers didn’t come to me.


Lack the confidence to even start, shelve it or don’t act on it, fearing it will be too much, too hard, or maybe even you’ll become too successful. I’ve had so many good ideas ready to launch that I stalled at the last minute – fearing all of the above, lacking faith and without pride and excitement in what I was going to deliver. I just loved creating, but fell apart when it came to delivering it…

WOW, what a bunch of scary problems… I feel such a sense of relief now that I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each of these problems have stopped me dead in my tracks until now – but I don’t want the same for you. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I documented the very steps I took and I created myself a system, a map, a guide, to help bring myself back on track when my ideas get too big and crazy. To help me take the next step every day, happily and calmly. Because I know that without taking the small steps every day, I won’t realise my big vision.

Now you can follow your own path, using this guide.

After many, many, MANY hours, days, weeks and months of planning, creating, thinking and designing, I’ve got a Big Picture overview of the WHOLE JOURNEY.

It’s called Big Vision Journey Guide.

If you’d like to embark on your own personal journey of creative and personal discovery. If you can sense that you’d like to begin to explore more, express more, create more, then I encourage you to download this blueprint and think about what you’d like to create in your world.

It’s long journey, but I can promise you it’s worth it – and if you take the time to review my Journey Guide, you’ll have some guidance as you walk through yours and enjoy the journey.


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