Rainforest Walk


Acrylic painting on stretched Canvas with painted edges.
40cm x 40cm x 2cm

*This artwork is currently unframed but can be framed to your specifications.
Frame is for visual presentation only,

Price includes SHIPPING within Australia.
Please contact for a shipping quote if you live outside Australia.

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I’m so lucky to live near a range of rainforest walks in Tamborine Mountain. One of my favourite things is to lose myself for an hour amongst the towering trees. I feel an incredible sense of calm and being one with nature. It’s invigorating and calming. There’s a wonderful sense of organised chaos, nature just doing its thing.

I get my inspiration from places like this. I immerse myself in the moment, soaking up the colours and unique shapes, and try to see things from a new perspective, distilling the complex world into simple shapes, then bring the feeling home with me and translate them into my own unique translation on canvas.