New Directions


Acrylic on Canvas. 760x760mm

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This piece is titled ‘New Directions’

I’ve always been one for starting something new. I love change and I’ve often sought it out. Sometimes though, finding a new direction doesn’t have to be completely life-changing. A new direction can sometimes be as simple as taking a new route to work, a new walk to explore or a new coffee shop to try. Or it might be about taking the time to look at the same thing in a new way or finding new ways to combine the same ingredients! 

There are literally no end to the designs I could create with the same selection of paint. It just takes a bit of imagination!

‘JOURNEYS’ is a luminous maze of joyful colours that brings energy and impact to a space. Born out of a desire to paint through a period where I couldn’t travel, I took myself on a journey through exploring colour and shape in a never-ending journey on the canvas. I enjoy to explore new places, or embracing the space in which I find myself. Of course during lockdowns my space was limited and my daily walks would fill me with inspiration, which I would take home and translate onto the canvas. These pieces are inspired by the changing seasons and vibrant colours where I live and experience daily. 

The artistic process to create these geometric abstracts, is a balance of constraint and freedom. Intuition and consideration. All hand-drawn, no rulers, no masking tape. An exploration of colour and form. I enjoy combining seemingly random colours, shapes and angles to create an image that replicates the ‘beautiful chaos’ of nature. Using multicolours, acrylic on canvas mostly, I let the painting unfold – allowing the next colour to appear, trusting it will fill the right space. Resulting in a harmonious composition comprising a pleasing series of lines, shapes and angles that fit together to take your eye on your own uplifting journey that never ends, encouraging your eye to move around the connecting shapes.