Lovely Layers


Mixed Media painting on stretched Canvas with painted edges.
91cm x 45cm x 4cm

*This artwork is currently unframed but can be framed to your specifications.
Frame is for visual presentation only,

Price includes SHIPPING within Australia.
Please contact for a shipping quote if you live outside Australia.

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Lovely Layers

There’s something pleasing about working with a piece of art that evolves by adding new layers. Paint. Tissue Paper. More paint. More Tissue paper. Creating depth, dimension and intrigue, allowing just the right amount of the previous layer to show through – and knowing when to stop before it gets muddy! 

I love being surprised by the colours that form by overlaying translucent paper. And watching the intensity of the colours getting richer with each layer.

I guess it’s a bit like life. We’ve all got layers that we build on that make our story rich and colourful! 

Mixed Media painting on stretched Canvas. 91cm x 45cm

This canvas is currently unframed and can be framed to your specifications. Image not to scale

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