Angela Button

Sandy has been a gift to work with, as an outstanding sounding board that combines creativity, pragmatism and coaching skills she helped me get out of overwhelm land and into clarity. Her ability to find connections between thoughts and weave ideas into actionable plans allowed me to walk out of our first session with clear steps towards designing a business and a brand that aligns with who I really am!


Josie Thomson

Executive Coach, Speaker

Sandy worked with me over the period of several months to crystalise the look, feel and essence of my brand. What she delivered truly captured my brand values and sends a clear message of what my business is all about. I feel proud of my brand and what it stands for. If you’re after a brand that will stand the test of time and truly reflect your competitive edge, I would highly recommend Sandra Archer and this program to you.


Craig Percival

Director / Woollam Constructions

Sandra is a person that you can talk openly and honestly to about your business and know that it remains confidential. She doesn’t do anything by halves and that is what is required from the client also, don’t underestimate the value of the process and what it achieves, by making the time the better the results. It has made us more confident in the company that we are. we now confidently direct people to our new web page or are happy to hand them our new brochure. The end result gives us scope to grow as a company.


Michelle Loch

Speaker, Author, Mentor

When you love what you do, it’s important to ‘create a brand that you love’ to support you. The clarity that Sandy’s process gave me has literally catapulted my business marketing, my business confidence, and my capacity to articulate my offering to my clients. My brand reflects my personality as well as my professional message and Sandy has helped me to look at the big picture in terms of creating a brand that will evolve with me as my business grows and expands. A detailed and worthwhile endeavour.

Andy Boulton

Creative Director / Design Depot UK

As a very hands on design agency, the thought of working with a “consultant” filled my head with images of people who had done pretty well in a previous career, who love their own voice and love dictating how and why a project should be done “their way”. Just as I had imagined, we met people who were just like that, and then we met Sandy.  Sandy brings much more to the table than experience, she brings a refreshing outlook and a unique way of working with both our team and our clients through a proven self developed process that has helped us deliver some fantastic results over the years. By having her feet firmly on the ground when it comes to understanding what is required to deliver any project from a seemingly simple brand refresh through to a global launch, she ensures that everyone who is working on the project is fully engaged and is committed to the tasks in hand. This is where in my opinion she takes her work to the next level as her process does not leave you behind in a world of made up words and phrases – it is easy to digest and consists of simplified thoughts, research and propositions that if followed through can be used as the basis for some amazing creative work to begin.  Branding is not simple, but with the dedication Sandy gives to any project – the process is a whole lot smoother.