Sandy is an abstract artist producing works that are a vibrant display of bold, graphic colour. Her work shows a strong sense of design and structure resulting from her many years as a graphic designer. The two main heroes in every art piece are shape and colour.

I was born and bred in England – a craving for travel and adventure brought me to Australia. I miss the green fields and changing seasons, which is why I now live on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain, which is as close as I can get to my beloved English countryside. My studio allows me to enjoy the glorious vibrant colours that change with the seasons and view the ever-shifting weather. I can watch the mist roll in, and the rain pour down as I paint to my heart’s content and be inspired by nature doing its thing.

Inspiration usually starts with my morning walk, capturing colours, shapes and contrasts from nature. A bank of sketches provide the outline of the shapes, and the painting comes to life with acrylic on canvas. I’m never quite sure where a painting will take me and that I love. Having worked as a graphic designer and brand consultant for many years, I find an enormous sense of freedom allowing myself to create purely from joy, without the constraints of a brief or the need to deliver or communicate.

I’ve always been drawn to abstract art; it gives my designer brain a rest and allows a more natural and instinctive approach to take over. The hard edge style is ideal as it is a blend of constraint and freedom. Of fluidity and control. Of organised design and freeform colour. My approach is to sketch the idea small, draw it large in detail then allow the colours to evolve on the canvas. My left brain and right brain are both happy! The result is a pleasing blend of organised design and seemingly random colour, providing endless enjoyment to the viewer. A colour feast that you never get tired of. I just love it when my art finds its happy place in the world, bringing joy to its new owners.