Lost in Brandslation #1. What type of brand do you need?

You know, I’ve not really been looking forward to writing this. Branding is such a big subject and for many is confusing and scary and I wanted to begin to help you see branding in a clearer light, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it! If I asked you what branding was, what would you say? Maybe a logo? Maybe a mark of excellence? Maybe a name on a chocolate bar or car, or even maybe the mark on the side of a cow!

‘Branding’ used to standardly be a bespoke profession that provided quality creative and effective strategy. (that’s the design snob in me…) The word ‘branding’ mostly lived in design agencies and corporate boardrooms. Now, it’s a word that is used and used and, well I think over-used… If you’re looking at getting some personal head-shots, you go to a branding expert. If you want to set up a business, there’s another branding expert waiting for you… If you want a logo… there they are again – a branding expert. And if you’re wanting to be seen online and set up a web site, yep there they are again – that branding expert. Now I’m not saying that these people are not experts in their field, I’m sure (many) of them are and each of them plays an equally important part in the branding process, but now there are so many ‘branding experts’ around, it’s kinda distilled the word into a bit of a messy space.

So if you’re confused, I don’t blame you because quite frankly, so am I. I’ve been thinking of the best way to help you through the murky branding waters and I was going to create a lovely diagram and a flow chart all about how brands work and what all the terminology means – I might still do that – but what I really think is going to help you most is helping you see branding from a new and fresh perspective, one that you can actually use and understand and that makes sense for you and your business. Because at the end of they day, you do need a brand and you deserve to have a brand you love!

I’m going to take you on a ‘Brand Translation Journey’. My philosophy is to ‘GET CLEAR BEFORE YOU GET CREATIVE’ I’ve seen so many people waste so much time investing in ideas that are just, well, not thought out. There’s one thing being clear on YOUR IDEA, but the VERY FIRST PLACE TO START… is getting clear on a few simple facts about branding. These are coming from nothing more than a genuine personal desire to see you get clear on what is becoming a very confusing industry…

My aim is to give you clarity and understanding around some of the branding terms, like ‘brand strategy’, ‘brand architecture’ and ‘brand identity’… So you know what they mean and most importantly what it means to you and what to do with it! I’ll help you see that branding is not a scary monster, but just a simple creative process that with a bit of a helping hand is more than just doable, it’s enjoyable and rewarding! I’ll help you save thousands of dollars and hours of stressful worry by giving you an outline of my simple brand creation process and I’ll open your eyes to a journey that will give you opportunities and insights into you, your business and your life.

Today, I thought we’d start with introducing you to the different types of branding, as there are a few and different people focus on creating different kinds of brands, and different brands need different approaches.

It all starts with an idea, something that needs a brand; a business, a product, a person, an event, an organisation…