If it don’t flow, don’t go!

What do you think of when I say, find your flow?

For me it’s all about enjoying calm days, a clear mind and creative productivity. I do what I can to keep myself in a creative flow because I know what it means to be in flow and also what it means to be out of flow.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been enjoying the time off around our new home and taking a few trips to Noosa. Anyone who’s ever been to Noosa would know that it gets VERY busy over the holiday period. But it’s lovely place and when you get there, you just feel like you’re on holiday. Getting a car park can be a problem, but we overcame that potential problem this year… We found ourselves KARMA CAR PARKS every time we went there… Yeah that’s a bit weird, but it’s all about putting the right vibes out there to get what you want.

Ever had a day when things just don’t go well? You start with one thing not going according to plan… you get it in your mind that that’s it for the day, everything is just going to be wrong, and guess what, it is! Then there’s those days that things just flow from the word go. So what do you do to keep your flow?

For the past few years, John and I have followed a simple saying you can try: ‘IF IT DON’T FLOW, DON’T GO’.  It always sets us on the right path and helps remind us of what matters most.

How do you know if it’s going to flow?

1. By taking the time to feel your way to an answer rather than jump on a decision quickly.
2. By listening to the inner voice that gives you gentle reminders about what you really need – before it turns into a screaming voice that said I TOLD YOU SO!
3. By taking time to know yourself, so you can hear yourself above the other voices that are trying to tell you otherwise
4. By taking time to go within and enjoy a calm and quiet mind, emptying the chatter that interferes with our true selves and our ability to make good decisions.
5. By allowing yourself ‘Flow-Time’ Space between your commitments to allow life to happen, rather than forcing things to happen.

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