Daily demands and getting things done

I’m sitting here in Coolum in a little cafe overlooking the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen…To be honest, all I want to do is go and walk on the beach, but I also really want to get this done! I’m off to the UK again on Tuesday – so I’ve got quite a bit to get done before I go. So today I thought I’d explore this whole obsession we have with ‘getting things done’

I’m sure you know that feeling, lots to DO… not enough time in the day. What with daily demands and a never ending ‘to do’ list, sometimes life can seem a bit overwhelming. A bit like you’re on a wheel that never stops turning and you can’t get off!

Well life is a bit like a wheel, it keeps turning, no matter how you spend your time. Time does not stand still and there’s always something more to be done.

I’ve worked in the design industry for over 20 years and it’s a very deadline driven industry. There’s a great satisfaction in finalising a project, that – ‘it’s done’ feeling… I realised though, there’s always more to be done the next day, you never actually catch up, so at some point you have to let go and enjoy what you have done, knowing there will always be more to do. Otherwise you’d never stop! You’d never get to reward yourself for your efforts, acknowledge yourself for your hard work. Or step back and look at what you’ve created, how far you’ve come.

Whether your tasks are self-generated through the passionate pursuit of creative contribution, or demands upon your time from people in your life…. we are, as humans, obsessed with DOING.

Here’s a few things to remember about getting things done, that might help you slow down and enjoy the doing, or acknowledge what you’ve done…

1. It doesn’t matter if it’s never done. If you’re enjoying what your’e doing, you just keep doing it anyway.
2. Realise that life is never ‘done’. It’s a constant supply of choices and experiences, so you and only you, can choose to stop and appreciate it along the way.
3. Remember the first STEP is to STOP. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day, it will help you observe your life from a fresh perspective rather than be in the doing all the time.
4. Set up your own NNT – Non-Negotiable Time. I learnt this from Marie Forleo… Give yourself permission to stop, without questioning it or re-negotiating with yourself.
5. Master the art of REgular time out. Time to re-flect, re-focus, re-assess, re-group, re-energise and re-commit – you’ll be REally glad you did!

Now that I’m creating something I’m very passionate about I do get a bit obsessed with creating.  I had a thought while I was walking the other day… This will NEVER be DONE. There will always more to write, more to share, more to give. I’ll always have more ideas that I can develop. So I’m learning to build a life that allows me time for a little bit of everything I want NOW. Making time for What matters most. I live my life according to this philosophy, that doesn’t mean I always get it right, sure there are times when I work more, or rest more… but I have the overall concept in my head and I make sure I take my REgular Time to re-assess and re-align, regularly…. To get back on the bike, get back on track and keep on doing the doing…. Happily, contentedly, calmly.

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