Create more clarity with these 6 easy steps

Happy New Year! I hope you had a refreshing break and are ready to get cracking into the new year with renewed vigour! Yes, no, maybe? Well ready or not, it’s upon us and we have a brand new year to start creating our dreams and developing our ideas. I, like many others, really don’t focus too much on New Year’s resolutions any more. I like to think that I am pretty clear about my direction and a new year is just a good time to Re-Commit and make sure I am clear about my path ahead.

But it hasn’t always been like that… In the past I’ve been muddle headed, overwhelmed, plagued by doubt and self-sabotage – unable to express my thoughts or deliver my message – about my brand or about myself, and it’s not a nice feeling. Since I have spent time getting clear on my values, my direction, my purpose, and my business, I have achieved an amazing sense of peace. I feel clear headed, calm and confident. I’m excited about the year ahead and inspired to deliver my message through my brand. I attribute my happiness to a combination ofawareness, self-care and clarity. It’s why I’ve created Tempo – I finally feel like I’m living life at my Tempo – and that’s what I wish for you. I may not have everything I aspire to have, but I know that I have clarity about my direction and path and can wake up confidently every day, knowing that I am creating something real and worthwhile.

Create more clarity in your life with these 6 simple steps…

1. Re-Commit – have a system to bring you back on track when things get shaky or circumstances change – as we know they always have and always will.
2. Avoid Clarity Killers – doubts and doubters, destructive habits, lack of direction and indecision. Make a focussed effort to avoid the things that bring you down.
3. Capture your key commitments – we all have moments of great clarity, when things just feel good and right. When we are in our flow. Capture your thoughts at this point so you can refer to them when things are not so good.
4. Live creatively – make space for new things. Put yourself in a ‘Big Thinking Space’ find somewhere that puts you back in your flow – somewhere high, somewhere quiet, somewhere colourful, whatever does it for you, make space for it in your life regularly to get you back in your creative flow.
5. Develop awareness – Know what works and what doesn’t. What ignites your passion and what dulls your senses. Do more of what lights you up!
6. Journal – expressing yourself in your journal allows you to eliminate internal chatter. Get it all out on paper and you’ll start to see some real and exciting changes in your life.

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