Get real clarity in your business and your life

“I really need some clarity about how to communicate what I do”

As a brand consultant, this is what I frequently hear from frustrated business owners…

“How can I express my true and, also, the best version of myself online?”
“It seems like I’m competing against so many other people out there, how do I get myself seen and heard for who I really am?

If you’ve tried to build a web site, no matter how many fonts or templates you try, you can’t quite seem to nail you message, your ‘look’ your story, your difference. But you’re not about to give up because it’s way too important. It’s you in the world. It’s how people see you, your value, your place.

Creating a brand is not just a logo on the top of a page or web site…It’s a cohesive series of messages, experiences and visual cues that deliver your heart and soul, your purpose and your value. That enables you to show your true colours. That you feel confident putting out into the world.

If you’re constantly questioning your position against others in the marketplace; Your value, your place, your offering and you want to know that you are connecting with the people that need you the most and that you most enjoy working with….

You need a brand you love!!!…

To create a brand you love, you need so much more than a glossary for branding terms. That’s why I want to share with you a holistic understanding and hands on experience in creating a brand that brings every part of you out into the world – online, on paper, in language that’s understood by people that need you.

Here’s the 4 steps I use in my ‘BrandCreator’ System…

Create a brand not just a logo. Deliver your heart and soul, your purpose and your value, show your true colours with confidence and clarity.

1. CLARITY – Get clear on what you do, who for and what makes you different
2. STRATEGY – Find a Unique Brand Essence that will set you apart – READ MORE
3. CREATION – Design and develop your visual identity and communication
4. DELIVERY – Connect with your audience and deliver your brand consistently every day

I’ve seen it so many times before, people get excited about their new plans and dive straight in to the design stage – get a logo, build a web site… and forget the critical stage of developing a really great business, with a clear offering to a clear audience. If you’re starting out, or you’ve been in business for a years, the only place to start is to address the questions that you’ve been avoiding; What do I do? Why do I do it? Sure, it might sound easy and you might be one of the lucky ones that can say – I’m an artist, or I’m an architect… but the chances are you’ve got so many passions, interests and skills… that when people ask that dreaded question… what do you do? you silently freak out, clam up and blurb out some garbled description that makes their eyes glaze over.

You need some Clarity.

So let’s start getting clear…These three questions play such a huge part in the branding process and will help you get started on your path to clarity. I can’t emphasise them enough… If you can’t answer these, then you need to go back to basics and really address your business from a new perspective.

  1. WHAT YOU DO – WHY YOU DO IT? Let’s start with WHAT
    Today, every day, there are so many new and exciting developments in the world; we are creating new words, new roles, new titles and finding new ways of working which is amazing. This can, however, create a few problems when we need to introduce ourself and explain what we do. Sometimes it’s just not that clear and concise and easy to translate. Especially if it’s never been done before, the way you do it…ACTION: Take the time to explore your offerings and translate them into something you can explain to people who need you.That leads to the WHY
    This is huge. If you don’t care about what you’re doing, you really should find something else. People see through products and services that are not authentic. False promises and vague outcomes just don’t work. Your customers want to work with people that care about their cause, that have passion behind their projects, and those that are driven by more than just the dollar. If you have a clear cause, that is bigger than you are… and are able to deliver that through real promises, and real outcomes, you will find that you begin to flow and attract people that value and care about the same things.Suddenly your business becomes a vessel to deliver so much more. Your days are filled with purpose and your business is filled with people on the same path.ACTION: Ask yourself – “Why do I care and why should others care about what I do?”2. WHO YOU DO IT FOR, WHAT DO THEY WANT?
    Now let’s explore the WHO… 
    Once you have identified what you do and why you do it, you can begin to take a fresh look at who you’re working with. We all want to work with people who appreciate us, value us, that we enjoy working with. When there’s a real understanding around what you do and why, you can create and deliver products and services that connect with people who need you and value you. You naturally begin to develop meaningful and relevant offerings that people can seek out. You eliminate work that’s soul destroying and irrelevant, you make better choices for you and your business. It’s a win win. You get to do what you love, what you’re good at and that means something to you. Your customers get what they want and need – what matters to them. Simple really.ACTION: Ask yourself – who needs what I do? 3. WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT?
    When the first two questions are clear, you can start to pinpoint that spark that sets you apart from the rest. Something you do naturally, that makes you stand out. There is always something that is unique to you, that you do differently or in such a way as you can own it and claim it as being your unique point of difference. It takes a fresh eye to see it, but it’s always there. I can help you identify it – but only if you spend the time exploring your what, why and who…. It’s the magical part of the next step in the process – identifying your Brand Essence – which happens in theACTION: I can solve certain problems better than anyone else because I ……………….

Just in closing, I’d like to share with you WHAT CLARITY FEELS LIKE… because as someone who’s been stuck in confusion and seen many others still there, it’s really worth sharing…

Clarity is…
A calm presence that allows you to focus on what matters most
A confident feeling when you have to introduce yourself and what you do
The ability to make a clear decision when given a series of choices
The feeling like you’re on a path that’s taking you somewhere
Being on own your journey, owning your position and knowing your value
Turning the lights on and seeing the bits that were missing before

So when it all falls into place with a clunk and you can begin to focus on attracting the people you want, rather than putting up with the people you have or that drift into your path – you know the hard work has been worth it…

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