Sandy Archer is a contemporary artist based in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland.

Born in the leafy Midlands of Warwickshire, England, Sandy was always found with a pencil in her hand from a very young age. After attending Kingston University, completing a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design, she immersed herself in the creative industry for 30 years focusing on graphic design and branding. 

Now Sandy has returned to her passion for painting carving out a name for herself in the world of abstract art. 

Artist Statement

The artistic process to create my geometric abstracts is a balance of constraint and freedom. Intuition and consideration. All hand-drawn, no rulers, no masking tape. An exploration of colour and form. I enjoy combining seemingly random colours, shapes and angles to create an image that replicates the ‘beautiful chaos’ of nature. Using multicolours, acrylic on canvas mostly, I let the painting unfold – allowing the next colour to appear, trusting it will fill the right space.

Resulting in a harmonious composition comprising a pleasing series of lines, shapes and angles that fit together to take your eye on your own uplifting journey that never ends, encouraging your eye to move around the connecting shapes.