Are you letting your SELF get in the way?

I have a little problem writing sometimes, not sure why, I think it has something to do with my topic – “SELF” Maybe I let mySELF get in the way.

Sometimes when I sit down to write, the voice in my head just pesters me, and I let it win! Ever have that problem? Hear yourself saying things you wouldn’t say to other people! So why are we so hard on ourselves sometimes???

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Thoughts v Ideas

I sat in the car on the way back from our lovely walk in Noosa the other day, and I said to my husband I’m trying to come with an idea for my blog. He said, what about ‘how to come up with an idea!’ Of course I said, no, because it wasn’t my idea!… But then I gave it some ‘thought’ and decided it was a good idea!

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So you think you’re not creative…?

I’ve just spent a weekend with Deepak Chopra – and all I can say is WOW. What an incredible man. It was called Journey to Enlightenment and what a journey it was. The one thing I was really fascinated by, that is something very dear to my heart was his view on creativity.

“We are all creating every day!…”

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Daily demands and getting things done

I’m sitting here in Coolum in a little cafe overlooking the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen…To be honest, all I want to do is go and walk on the beach, but I also really want to get this done! I’m off to the UK again on Tuesday – so I’ve got quite a bit to get done before I go. So today I thought I’d explore this whole obsession we have with ‘getting things done’

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Setting Priorities

Busy? Sure you are. I don’t know too many people who aren’t busy doing one thing or another. That’s one of the most common complaints I hear these days. I’m too busy!’

“I’m too busy to…. do what I really want to do….”

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About Time

Last week I sat on a plane for nearly 24 hours… 
That’s a lot of time to be sat down. I think I watched about 6 movies, but one of them stood out. It was called ‘About Time’, have you seen it? It kinda touched me. It’s about a family that can travel in time. That sounds a bit lame? well it’s been done before, but we do all have a pretty big fascination with time so I thought it deserved some ‘time’.

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What’s the spark that sets your soul on fire?

Ever get that feeling inside where you get a fleeting moment of excitement? A flutter of interest, something that ignites a spark inside? A fleeting thought of, wow that looks interesting. Or I’d love to do that. Or just a warm, comfortable feeling of ‘this is exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing’. Those moments are precious and are here to guide us towards our true nature. Imagine living life by that spark. Having that feeling every time you wake up excited by the prospect of the day ahead. You CAN live like that, many people do.

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If it don’t flow, don’t go!

What do you think of when I say, find your flow?

For me it’s all about enjoying calm days, a clear mind and creative productivity. I do what I can to keep myself in a creative flow because I know what it means to be in flow and also what it means to be out of flow.

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Create more clarity with these 6 easy steps

Happy New Year! I hope you had a refreshing break and are ready to get cracking into the new year with renewed vigour! Yes, no, maybe? Well ready or not, it’s upon us and we have a brand new year to start creating our dreams and developing our ideas. I, like many others, really don’t focus too much on New Year’s resolutions any more. I like to think that I am pretty clear about my direction and a new year is just a good time to Re-Commit and make sure I am clear about my path ahead.

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6 reasons why Self-Discipline WILL make you happier

Well I’m here!. Back on the Sunshine Coast and getting settled in! To be honest, I’m a little off balance! With moving to a new location, winding down the end of the year and doing the usual preparations for Christmas, I have lost all sense of routine and am struggling to get my head around simple tasks! Ever get that problem? I know many people struggle at this time of year because things are not as settled and our routines are changed… there’s extra pressures, extra costs, families and friends… many things that are both enjoyable but which can be stressful at the same time.

That’s why I thought I’d take the time to put down a few words about… self-discipline

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