About Time

Last week I sat on a plane for nearly 24 hours… 
That’s a lot of time to be sat down. I think I watched about 6 movies, but one of them stood out. It was called ‘About Time’, have you seen it? It kinda touched me. It’s about a family that can travel in time. That sounds a bit lame? well it’s been done before, but we do all have a pretty big fascination with time so I thought it deserved some ‘time’.

Have you ever wanted to live a day again? Or wanted to go back and change something you said or did? Thought you could have done something differently? Made a better choice? Made more valuable use of your time? That is the heart of the story. Having the ability to go back and change things, Tim decided over and over again that he wanted to change things, some small, some not so small. So he did. He went back, helped people he had ignored, made better decisions for his life that he did not have the courage to do at the time. Until he realised that if he actually lives his life for every moment, he can live it right first time.

I believe enjoying our time comes down to havingawareness in each and every moment. No, we can’t change time and we can’t be in control of changing things that happen for us or for other people. But we can value each moment for what it is and make sure that we have done everything possible to make use of that preciousness.

Being back in Australia now, I value my time spent in England, knowing that I gave each moment 100%. (although it would be pretty cool to be able to pop back and enjoy it again for a few minutes whenever I wanted to!…) When I look back at any time of my life, it’s usually the simplest moments that actually stand out the most, that bring the most joy. Sometimes I can close my eyes and take myself somewhere so clearly, it’s as if I’m actually there. You can only remember those moments with clarity if you are totally present in them. The secret is being present, right here, right now, every day. My life coach, Josie Thomson… once said to me, ‘you can’t drive a car looking in the rear view mirror, equally, you can’t live your life looking to the past’. You gotta look forward. You gotta be present.

Want some tips to help you live in the moment?…

1. Create space to slow down
Living life in the fast lane means your life is a blur. You lose precious moments while you’re chasing your tail!

2. Take stock of what you have…
If you live life constantly looking at what’s next, you lose sight of what is.

3. Heighten your senses
Spend some time just listening, feeling, enjoying the sights and sounds of your life for what they are. Allow some space to see, hear, listen to the moment. You’ll be amazed at what you can notice.

4. Breathe
If you feel the moment is not as you’d like, breathe….When things get shaky, or difficult, you will have the presence to know that it is temporary…

5. Do something each day to keep you grounded.
When you are grounded and calm, you can make better, clearer decisions. Decisions from the heart, not made from fear or doubt. I use Qi Gong, just 5 minutes a day.

I use these simple techniques to get me back in balance. They are part of my self-care system that I’ve built over time. Whatever is happening in my life, I can embrace it for what it is.

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