Acrylic on canvas Rainforest design

Meet Sandy

Sandy Joy Archer is the founder of SJA Arts. It was born from a desire to create and deliver colourful art, that takes you back to a place or a moment that simply feels joyful. Her middle name is Joy after all!

Blending her love of colour, her passion for art with her skills in design – the outcome is ‘art, designed to make you feel good!’

Driven by the principle to love what you do and do what you love, Sandy now lives next to the coast in Western Australia, creating work that reflects her love of travel, colour and life.

Her signature style is bold striking statements, using vibrant colours and shapes that bring energy and impact to a space. Always fascinated by journeys in her own life, she works intuitively with colour, playing with shapes, form and colour to take you on a joyful journey across the canvas.

Abstract Landscapes – ‘Places I love’

I like to immerse myself in and capture the joy of a moment, taking a mental photograph and recreating in her own eyes in acrylic or collage on canvas. Sometimes we need to put our own spin on the world. What is right in front of us can be so much more colourful if you choose to see it and remember it that way. I choose to remember places by how they made me feel. Uplifted. Inspired. Happy. Alive.

Geometric Abstracts.

The artistic process is a balance of constraint and freedom. Intuition and consideration. All hand-drawn, no rulers, no masking tape. An exploration of colour and form. I enjoy combining seemingly random colours, shapes and angles to create an image that replicates the ‘beautiful chaos’ of nature. Using multicolours, acrylic on canvas mostly, I let the painting unfold – allowing the next colour to appear, trusting it will fill the right space.

Resulting in a harmonious composition comprising a pleasing series of lines, shapes and angles that fit together to take your eye on your own uplifting journey that never ends, encouraging your eye to move around the connecting shapes.