6 reasons why Self-Discipline WILL make you happier

Well I’m here!. Back on the Sunshine Coast and getting settled in! To be honest, I’m a little off balance! With moving to a new location, winding down the end of the year and doing the usual preparations for Christmas, I have lost all sense of routine and am struggling to get my head around simple tasks! Ever get that problem? I know many people struggle at this time of year because things are not as settled and our routines are changed… there’s extra pressures, extra costs, families and friends… many things that are both enjoyable but which can be stressful at the same time.

That’s why I thought I’d take the time to put down a few words about… self-disciplineYeah, I hear you… not much fun and why do we want to think about discipline at this time of year? I want to just let go and enjoy myself and forget about work and all that stuff… If I promised you it would help you stay balanced and calm over the festive season AND live a happier and healthier life PLUS achieve more every day, would you be interested in reading more?

I love the flexibility of my life, but I also value routine and know that having a structure in place is critical to keep me focussed and grounded. At this time of year, the tendency is to let go of all routine, all rules and all consistency. This is great and of course it’s what holidays are all about. It’s also sometimes a little difficult to get back on track the other side, so think about having one or two simple routines that will help keep you balanced and calm, something you can do easily and quickly every day, no matter what time of the year, or where you are.

6 reasons why Self-Discipline WILL make you happier

1. It helps you with consistent daily action, taking baby steps towards what you want to create in your life.
2. You’ll get more stuff done, be more productive, enjoy a sense of achievement earned through sustained focus.
3. You’ll make better choices for long term outcomes not just instant gratification
4. You’ll feel better about yourself, your ability to keep to your own word and follow through.
6. You’ll consciously enjoy your precious time, rather than ‘killing time’ with repetitive self-amusements..