August 2014

Creation and Commitment

Nothing spectacular has happened (yet) this week… It’s just another week…. how about you? Just another week chipping away at my big goals, doing the doing towards a bigger vision. Taking care of the actions that need to be done, every day. So what’s the difference between someone who keeps going and someone who gives up?

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Are you letting your SELF get in the way?

I have a little problem writing sometimes, not sure why, I think it has something to do with my topic – “SELF” Maybe I let mySELF get in the way.

Sometimes when I sit down to write, the voice in my head just pesters me, and I let it win! Ever have that problem? Hear yourself saying things you wouldn’t say to other people! So why are we so hard on ourselves sometimes???

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Thoughts v Ideas

I sat in the car on the way back from our lovely walk in Noosa the other day, and I said to my husband I’m trying to come with an idea for my blog. He said, what about ‘how to come up with an idea!’ Of course I said, no, because it wasn’t my idea!… But then I gave it some ‘thought’ and decided it was a good idea!

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