Sandy Archer
Sandy Archer

Art to add colour and joy, brighten your mood and make you feel good!

For people who want to experience happiness every day.

As an artist, I know how easy it is to get lost and feel like you’re heading down the wrong path in life. I created this journal to help creatives like you and I, keep taking those much needed steps towards fulfilling our creative dreams, by staying balanced and aware. When you have self-awareness, you can make choices that align with who you really are and what you really want to do. You can find the courage to follow your true creative path and listen to your inner knowing, that will guide you forward.

Follow this guided Self-Awareness Journal for 12 weeks and get more clarity and confidence to re-focus, re-group and re-evaluate your life from a fresh perspective. You’ll gain powerful insights into how you spend your time, what you focus on, how you make your decisions and much more.

Self-Awareness Journal

‘Self-care for the creative soul’

I’ve been using my journal every day and I love it. It helps me connect with my heart – get out of my head and I’ve been doing things I always wanted to do, I’ve found more joy in my life! 

Josie Thomson

I was surprised at the results I got. I worked in the happiness section and I had an awakening around what happiness really means to me. I need to focus on quality. Simple things and tuning in to what I am really doing and why. I was finding myself at places with people and not really knowing why I had chosen to be there. I was caught up in the concept of being there and realized that it was not actually bringing me great joy.

Linda Franke

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