8 reasons why you should LOVE your brand

After 25 years in design and marketing, building brands for a multitude of companies large and small, I’m realistic enough to know that not everyone, in fact not many people, want a brand they love. In fact, most people just want a brand that works, or deep down, just get the damn job done so they can get on with doing the job they love, or get on with making money… So why should you love your brand…?

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Lost in Brandslation #1. What type of brand do you need?

You know, I’ve not really been looking forward to writing this. Branding is such a big subject and for many is confusing and scary and I wanted to begin to help you see branding in a clearer light, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it! If I asked you what branding was, what would you say? Maybe a logo? Maybe a mark of excellence? Maybe a name on a chocolate bar or car, or even maybe the mark on the side of a cow!

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