A Brand Creation Program

for Passionate Professionals & Creative Entrepreneurs

If this sounds like you…

• Your current branding doesn’t accurately reflect who you are, what you do
• You’re setting up a business and need to build a brand that you’re confident to launch with
• You’re in business but struggling to charge what your know you’re worth
• You’re not getting enough clients or sales
• You’re not attracting the right kind of clients
• Your image, offering or messaging out of date or not relevant in today’s market
• You’re not able to clearly introduce yourself
• You are struggling to build a web site, design a brochure or produce marketing material
• You’re thinking of extending or changing your offerings and/or your audience

You need a brand that reflects and pinpoints your vision with laser clarity. A brand you will love delivering every day with pride, that attract the right audience. This program will guide and support you through developing, designing and delivering your brand with clarity and confidence.

I work with people like you…

 • You’re a professional. You’re good, no you’re great, at what you do and you love to deliver results – and get paid well for what you’re worth
• You’re motivated, passionate about what you do and are committed to delivering quality.
• You’re driven by a desire to make things better, do things differently, learn more, be more
• You want to create a business and life that is real and meaningful that allows you to use your voice to impact the world, create positive change
• You’re ready to improve, upgrade, grow or develop your brand and you’re ready to embrace some positive changes and grow both personally and in business

If you’re serious about building a brand and a business that really reflects you at your deepest level,

engages with your ideal customer and brings every part of you out into the world, this tried and tested step by step brand development process will guide you through developing your brand

My name is Sandy Archer. I’ve spent 25 years building, designing and managing brands for clients across a wide variety of industries. I love working with passionate people, who want to make a real and positive impact in the world. I’ve noticed that the most successful businesses (and brands), follow a simple formula:
1. Do what you love, what comes naturally and build that into your brand
2. Whatever you do, do it with the customer’s best interest at heart
3. Deliver consistent and reliable services or products
4. Be proud of what you do
5. Deliver it visually in a relevant, clear and consistent way

I’ve crafted my experience into a simple but intensive program designed to give you structure and support in building your brand. It will help you get more clarity, more creativity and deliver with more confidence, without compromising on quality or style and ensuring that your own unique voice and talents are heard and seen, by the right people.

Let's get clear, before we get creative

we'll follow this 4 step process

1. Brand Clarity

It’s so easy to get impatient, or get excited, around the creative elements of your brand, it’s easy to forget that behind it all there has to be a really great business, with a clear offering to a clear audience. This stage allows you to get really clear on your total business and brand direction. We’ll explore your business from a fresh perspective and help you make those key decisions that will take your business to the next level.

2. Brand Strategy

This is where you nail your Brand Essence and develop a strategy that will become your blueprint for future growth. Your essence is what sets you apart from the multitude of other people who offer, well, pretty much the same thing you do. On the surface, it’s a few words that sum up your brand. But these few words, if created well, will drive every part of your business moving forward.

3. Brand Creative

Once you're clear on your direction, we’ll take a fresh look at your visual identity with a brand audit, or start developing your new visual identity. I'll develop a creative brief to assist you in upgrading or designing your visual identity, we'll build a visual picture with mood boards and you'll see your brand coming to life. When you're ready, together with our Brand Team, we can begin to design your brand identity.

4. Brand Delivery

Creating a new brand means you may have to consider, or re-consider some current activities, processes, systems and even personal habits to enable you to grow into your brand. We’ll help you develop a simple plan that will guide you in getting your priorities in order to get you what you need in your allocated timeframe and budget. And we'll work with you to address your key areas of growth.

Simple, structured & supported

Here's what we'll go through in the four stages...

Brand Clarity

Brand Strategy

Brand Creation

Brand Delivery

Clarify your vision

Your unique point of difference

Mood boards and brand personality

Getting your brand out there

Clarify your audience

A solid foundation for your brand

A complete visual identity

Getting your brand seen and heard

Clarify your USP

Connecting with your audience

Brand applications

Growing into your brand

Your Brand ToolKit

Here's what you'll walk away with...Essential Brand Tools for your business

Brand Vision & Values

A clear path forward for you and your business and the core elements of what drives you and your team

Your Ideal Audience

So you can enjoy working with people who will happily pay you what you’re worth

Your Brand Personality

To inject into your brand so your ideal audience can engage with you and your brand

Brand Position

Where you sit in the marketplace, what to offer and how much to charge.

A unique Brand Essence

A unique a differentiating point that will help your customers choose YOU.

Brand Platform

You’ll have a simple snapshot to refer back to regularly to ensure you stay on track with your business and brand activities

Key Messages & USP's

A collection of core statements that you can pick and mix across your brand communications

Your Brand Voice

A valuable tool to assist you in developing your copy writing, keeping true to your brand across all platforms.

Mood Boards

Mood boards will prove invaluable as a guide to refer to when developing new communication that connects with your audience.

Creative Brief

Save time, money and effort on trying to distill your vision into words when briefing your consultants.

Brand Identity Plan

You’ll know exactly what’s needed for your brand to take it forward.

Brand Guidelines

This will ensure consistency visually for your brand.

Brand Touchpoints

You’ll know where and when your customers make their selection and how to influence them.

A Social Media Strategy

Knowing where, when and how to deliver your brand through the social media channels will save you time, energy and stress.

Brand & Personal Growth plan

To help you grow into your brand with confidence.

Visual Identity Design Package *OPTIONAL extra

Logo, Brand Style Book (including a colour palette, typefaces, brand inspiration, and textures or supporting graphics), Brand Applications to business cards, word letterhead, digital HTML Responsive Signature for emails and initial creative direction for web site.

Your Brand Journey

Here's what you'll experience

Individual Brand Consultations

Personalised brand sessions with me to distill your ideas, vision and direction into a brand that connects.

The Art of Brand Creation Workbook

A comprehensive, step by step process that takes you through the 4 stages to creating and delivering your own unique and successful brand.

Online Video Tutorials

You’ll get guidance, structure and support via online video tutorials and case studies.

Brand Clarity Workshop

A bespoke experience where you get to play and create your brand personality - delivered online

Online Customer Survey

Set up and feedback on your own online customer survey

Brand Identity Audit

A fresh perspective on your existing brand or creative direction on your new one!

Personal Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

Your own personal brand consultant will guide you through the process with behind-the-scenes brand strategy and creative direction.

Brand Toolkit Template

A complete Brand Toolkit template for you to complete, guided by your own personal Brand Consultant

Some successful Brand Creations

Michelle Loch

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Creator

When you love what you do, it’s important to ‘create a brand that you love’ to support you. The clarity that Sandy’s process gave me has literally catapulted my business marketing, my business confidence, and my capacity to articulate my offering to my clients. My brand reflects my personality as well as my professional message and Sandy has helped me to look at the big picture in terms of creating a brand that will evolve with me as my business grows and expands. A detailed and worthwhile endeavour.


Josie Thomson

Executive Coach, Speaker

Sandy worked with me over the period of several months to crystalise the look, feel and essence of my brand. What she delivered truly captured my brand values and sends a clear message of what my business is all about. I feel proud of my brand and what it stands for. If you’re after a brand that will stand the test of time and truly reflect your competitive edge, I would highly recommend Sandra Archer and this program to you.



Please contact me to discuss your tailor made program to enjoy personal guidance and support


How will it transform your life and your business?

Get that dreaded feeling when you can’t answer clearly what do you do?

You will be able to clearly introduce your brand and business to the right people, at any time. Be able to clearly articulate who you are, what you stand for 

Attracting the wrong kind of people, or not enough people?

You will get more impact, attract more of the right kind of customers that LOVE what you do and are happy to pay for it

Getting caught in indecision mode around big or small decisions for your business?

Make confident decisions about what your business stands for, what to offer, what to say no to. Eliminate doubt around your decisions, you’ll know what’s best for your business

Getting easily distracted by ideas, options, opinions?

Stay focussed on working on what matters most, take baby steps every day towards your bigger vision

Got that nagging feeling hat you’re just not playing up to your potential?

Deliver your offerings with pride, knowing that they follow your values and work towards your vision and fulfil your mission

Having difficulty getting the brand image you want? Or translating your ideas to your creative consultants?

Save time, stress and money by knowing who are the best consultants to support you with your brand

There is no other program that offers this level of expertise at this value

If you’ve ever stepped on to the path of marketing or branding, you might have seen a rather confusing journey in front of you. There’s lots of experts in different fields that will sell you what you want to hear, but it takes a big picture approach to deliver a total brand package. It’s easy to take a wrong turn…

You can get a coach – to personally guide you through the challenges of building a business.
You can hire a designer – to guide you around what your brand should look like.
You can engage a marketing expert – to tell you what you should say and how your should say it

My program gives you personal access to all three. I have a unique combination of experience as a coach, consultant and creative so I will deliver a broad and essential approach to brand building that you will not get anywhere else. You’ll get a Brand Mentor who will guide you through the whole process with a seamless and stressless approach.

As your Coach

I will ensure you are supported through the process. Any growth requires some change and change requires tackling new challenges, facing and breaking through blocks or fears or simply learning what you need to know.

As your Brand Consultant

I’ll also give you everything you need to know to be confident to move into the world of branding, confidently and happily delivering and communicating to your audience.

As your Creative Consultant

I will give you personal, hands-on guidance to direct you with your brand. As part of the program you will get valuable feedback tailored to your brand to give you the head-start you need to start designing with your chosen designer. I’ll also make sure you select the perfect creative team that will give you what you need.

Maybe you’ve got a few other options you’re considering, or have tried…I’ve seen it time and time again. Branding is put on the back burner until it won’t stay quiet any more… here are some less favourable options!

Option #1: Go it alone – yeah sure there’s heaps of free information out there on how to build a brand… however, this often involves a whole lot of time, energy and struggle, typically with a very low success rate. It’s just too hard to get out of your own head for long enough to get perspective and emotionally detach from the core problems and see some brand clarity.

Option #2: Hire individual consultants. You can find business coaches, marketing consultants and creatives who will give you their best and personal approach to building a brand and business. Each one of them will likely cost between $100 – $500 per hour, which will soon add up! This program gives you access to a totally unique big picture, top level perspective of brand-building that will ensure you don’t miss a thing and you don’t break the bank.

Option: #3: Ignore it…and adopt the mindset that your brand will sort itself out or just go away! I know, it’s scary and painful to think about all that work you need to do and when you do go and try and find stuff, you just get even MORE confused, so you just leave it well alone and hope it sorts itself out. Well, it won’t. The out of sight out of mind theory doesn’t work for too long, because your brand isn’t given the TLC it needs, it will crumble and fall apart along with your business!

Option: #4: Get busy doing stuff… we make busy doing things that make us feel productive, get a logo, get a web site, get it out there, only to find out that we have so many unanswered questions that keep popping up that forces us back to square one. This leaves us feeling exhausted and deflated from not seeing the results we expect after we believe we’ve tried so hard.

Option: #5: Get someone else to lead the charge. The best brands are built from the top down. That means the business is driven from the heart, by the people that know and love it the best. Palming off the branding work to someone else cause it’s too hard might seem like an easy way out, but believe me, in the long run you need to build your brand with substance.


Your brand adventure starts here!

I'll take you on a fun journey of creativity. At the end of the program you will have crystal clear brand clarity!

Creating a brand can and should be an exciting and rewarding experience.

It will require some fresh thinking and an open mind, but I’ll demystify the branding process so you can get on with doing what you do best, knowing you’ve built your solid platform on which to build your successful business.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. I don’t have time to get my head into this right now, I just want to get on with my business.

A. This is getting on with your business. Your business is your brand. They are inextricably linked. One of the most common misconception about branding is that it’s just about what your business looks like. Your brand IS your business, it is one and the same thing. Your brand is a direct reflection of everything your business stands for. If you’re not clear about what your value is, what you offer, who for, why… your customers will not engage with you and you will waste time and money. So you don’t have a moment to waste. If you don’t have brand clarity, then this is the first and best way to get on with business right now.

Q. I’ve already spent so much money on my brand, I can’t afford to spend any more right now

A. Branding is an evolving process. There will be an ongoing requirement for investment of time and most likely money. If you can’t answer all the questions on the questionnaire (link) then the best investment you can make for your business is to get brand clarity. Once you have that, so many other things will fall into place and you will save a LOT more time and money than you have already spent on your brand.

Q. How much time will I need to put into this? I’m so busy with my clients and other stuff, I don’t think I will have time right now.

A. I recommend between 3 and 5 hours per week for 8 weeks, although it does vary. The great thing is that each and every hour you spend goes directly into not only building your brand but building your business. Remember your business IS your brand. I guarantee you that the work you do will impact immediately on your business from week one. You will make better decisions, be clearer and calmer and more productive, so the time you invest will be rewarded 10 fold.

Q. I’m not creative, I just need someone to create my brand for me.

A. If you are passionate about your business and truly want to reflect your greatest contribution to the world, the best way to ensure you do that is to explore and follow this journey yourself. Any consultant you hire, as passionate and as dedicated and expert as they may be, they will not have the same passion as you to drive your business forward. Passing branding and marketing duties over to others without the basic clarity in place is like getting on your private jet and asking your pilot to fly you where they feel like today. YOU need to drive the vision, the direction and dish out the passion. Once your team have a clear understanding of where you’re headed and why, you will attract and retain the most passionate and suitable people for your needs.

Q. I don’t have a business yet, can I do it?

A. Absolutely. If you have a vision, a passion, a concept, a skill that can be turned into a business, then you need a brand. Get started and your business will begin to evolve.

Q. Does it work for any kind of business?

A. Yes. If you have a business then you have a brand. I’ve worked with all types of businesses from funeral parlours to bakers, executive coaches to accountants. Any service, any product, any profession, this program will build your brand and build value into what you offer, so ultimately you can raise your profile and your prices.

What it’s not

I just want to point out a few things that you might have misconceptions about. A brand is a big subject and you don’t need to know everything about branding  – in fact I probably know way more than I need to know… But here’s a few things that this program will NOT do for you or give you.

1. A website. This is most likely high on your list of ‘must-haves’ for your brand. I am very experienced with all the pitfalls of designing and developing a website, from multi-corporations to individual solopreneurs. I will, as part of the program, be giving you some highly insightful information on selecting and working with web developers and some creative direction on what you web site can look like to get you on your way. If you wish to design and develop your web site with me and my team, then I can do that too.

2. A quick fix overnight solution. A brand is built with care and passion and needs to be built on solid foundations. If you want an ‘off the shelf’ version, the go for it. I’ve seen it work – up to a point. It can be a quick way to get you going, but if you want to craft a brand that reflects a high standard of service or product, then in my opinion you need to apply the same level of craftmanship into building your brand. People can see the difference. There’s nuances you will learn with me that will blow your mind.

3. A program that will do itself. Actually I don’t know of any programs that do that. There’s a vast majority or people that sign up for courses with rose coloured glasses on that tell you that you will just become something new and fabulous just because you sign up. These people never actually complete the work, so I’m really not sure how you can expect to get the results.

4. One more thing. I’ve really crafted this program for people who are passionate about what they do. I just LOVE working with people who are passionate about what they do. A brand is not built overnight, so it’s best that you choose something your are in love with, because to build a brand you love, you really have to do something you love. That’s why I only enrol passionate visionaries.


Please contact me to discuss your tailor made program to enjoy personal guidance and support